Loosen the center core jam nut with a wrench, and turn the slotted center core screw 1/2 turn counterclockwise with a screwdriver. Then adjust the Phillips head tone adjusting screw until the horn blows. Turn the center core screw clockwise until the horn rattles, and then back off screw (counterclockwise) 1/4 turn. While holding core screw in this position, tighten core screw lock nut with wrench. Readjust the Phillips head tone adjusting screw for desired tone.


The horn operating (ground) button is on the handlebar.

1. Horn front bolt, lock washer and nut (3)

2. Horn front

3. Horn diaphragm bolt, lock washer and nut (3)

4. Horn diaphragm retainer

5. Horn diaphragm

6. Horn back

7. Horn contact points

8. Horn diaphragm air gap adjusting screw

Figure following name of part indicates quantity necessary for one complete assembly.

Figure 5K-3. Horn - Exploded View -1961 and Earlier Servi-Car

If the horn fails to blow or does not blow satisfactorily, check for loose, frayed or damaged wiring leading to horn terminals, discharged battery, etc. If these steps do not correct the trouble, turn the contact point adjuster screw located back of horn until horn just gives a single click - then retard screw until best tone is obtained. If horn fails to operate after moving adjusting screw it is necessary to disassemble horn for inspection and cleaning of parts.


Disconnect horn wires and remove horn from motorcycle. Remove three horn front bolts, lock washers and nuts (1) and remove horn front (2). Remove three horn diaphragm bolts, lock washers and nuts (3), loosen retainer (4) and horn diaphragm (5) from horn back (6).

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