Assembling Rear Shock Absorber

Rear shock absorber assembly is essentially the reverse of disassembly.

1966 AND EARLIER (Fig. 2F-18)

Apply a thin coat of "Grease-All" grease to the cam sleeve (12) and cam surface of spring rotating cam (11 or 11A), and slip 11 or 11A over 12. Drive roller pin (16) into hole in side of lower cam (10) and position cam support (6) over lower cam with pin in appropriate slot. On 1964 and earlier models, slot marked "A" is for left side assembly, and slot marked "B" is for right side assembly. Either slot can be used on 1965 and later models.

Extend absorber piston rod and slip split bumper (7) over rod. Slide spring (9) into cover (8) and shock absorber into spring. Turn assembly over and rap upper mounting stud loop on surface to seat bumper in flange.

Place dirt seal washer (14) and dirt seal (13) intc cover and position assembly of parts 6, 10, 11 or 11A, and 12 on them over absorber. Compress spring in tool and turn lower mounting stud loop 90 degrees to register with notch in cam support.

On 1964 and earlier models, assemble unit to motorcycle so letters "A" and "B" are facing rearward. On later models, shock can be installed with eye in any position.

1967 AND LATER (FIG. 2F-18A)

Apply a thin coat of grease to all surfaces of both cams. Note that cams (12) are identical and be sure to position cam lobes correctly as shown in Fig. 2F-18A inset. Place assembly in compressor tool and compress spring enough to install key halves (6). Release spring compression. Keys will lock into place in inside diameter of covers 7 or 7A. Install retaining ring (5).

Figure 2F-19. Disassembling Shock Absorber (1966 & Earlier Shown)
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