Assembly is the reverse order of disassembly. Be sure to correctly align the diaphragm assembly on the horn back and to readjust the contact points after the horn is assembled.


Horns are shown in Figures 5K-4, 5K-5, and 5K-6. If the horn fails to blow or does not blow satisfactorily, check for loose, frayed or damaged wiring leading to horn terminals, discharged battery, etc. If these steps do not correct the trouble, turn in contact point adjusting screw, located back of horn, until horn just gives a single click - then retard screw until best tone is obtained. If horn fails to operate after moving adjusting screw, entire horn must be replaced because it is permanently riveted together. Mounting parts are replaceable.

3. Core nut

4. Bracket lamination (4)

5. Adjusting screw

6. Lock washer

7. Washer

8. Horn

Figure 5K-4. Horn 1962-63 Servi-Car Sportster CH

Figure 5K-4. Horn 1962-63 Servi-Car Sportster CH

3. Core nut

4. Lockwasher

5. Bracket

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