Figure 51-10.

12 Volt Double Contact Regulator - Operate engine at 2000 RPM (approximately 40 MPH). Turn field control resistor knob to "Open" position then to "Direct" position to cycle regulator. Check voltmeter reading. Reading indicated on voltmeter is the voltage regulator setting of the upper contacts (shorting contacts). Voltmeter reading should be within manufacturer's specifications (See Fig. 51-1). Maintain engine speed, slowly rotate field control resistor toward "Open" position to increase resistance until voltmeter reading drops slightly and then remains steady. This indicates the voltage setting of the lower contacts (series contacts). The voltage difference between the settings of the two sets of contacts should be within specifications (See Fig. 51-1).

If voltage readings are not within specifications, replace regulator or service and adjust settings (See "Servicing Regulator").

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