DISASSEMBLING FRONT BRAKE (Fig. 2G-2) Remove wheel with brake drum from fork as described in 2C. Spring brake shoes out and away from side cover (23) at top to free shoes (2 and 4) and springs (1 and 3) from pivot stud (8) and cam lever (18).

Remove cotter pin (16), cam lever washer (17) from cam lever stud (20). Disconnect cable ferrule from anchor pin in hand lever by loosening clamp nut (10) and depressing brake hand lever. Slip cam lever assembly off stud. Make complete disassembly in order shown.


If linings are worn down to rivet heads, impregnated with grease as a result of over-greasing wheel hubs, cracked or ridged badly, they must be replaced. When relining a shoe, start at one end and work to the other to make linings bear tightly against shoe.

If a riveting machine is not available, set rivets with hand tools and bevel lining ends.

1. Front wheel brake hand lever

2. Brake adjusting sleeve

3. Adjusting sleeve lock nut

4. Adjusting sleeve nut

5. Brake shoe pivot stud nut

6. Brake shoe pivot stud

Examine drums for ridging and scoring. Surface must be reasonably smooth and flat. If ridged, turn down drums to clean up. Wash cam lever and cam lever stud and check fit. If play exists, force out cam lever bushing (24) and install new part.


Assemble in reverse order of disassembly except, for ease of assembly, connect two shoes with top return spring (3). Position unit on pivot stud (8) and cam lever (18). Insert lower spring (1). Spring hooks must be in shoe spacer notch nearest side cover. When reassembling cable ferrule in hand lever anchor pin with side slot, be sure slot is toward inside as shown. Earlier type pin withslotted end should have open end facing downward.

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