Bushing Driver And Guide 9628550

If oil leaks from vent hole in upper bracket bolt when fork tubes contain correct amount of oil, check breather valve in upper bracket bolt or hole. To replace breather valve, place bolt in vise and tap back three stake locks with small punch and hammer. Pry valve from recess with length of stiff wire. If unable to free valve, drill hole in valve larger and pry valve out with small pin or screwdriver. In some cases, it is necessary to drill and tap hole in valve and pull it out with tap. Insert new valve assembly and stake three spots on bolt lip.

If fork action is stiff or soft and spongy and breather valves are functioning and oil content is correct, damper valves in fork tubes are inoperative. Fork must be disassembled. If fork is submerged in water, oil must be replaced at once. Water will rust damper tube valve parts. In neglected cases, the valves may stick and result in almost no snubbing action.

If oil bypasses slider tube bushings and leaks at top of sliders, bushings are worn and must be replaced. To replace slider bushings, fork must be disassembled. If slider bushings are worn, water will contaminate oil. Oil will appear emulsified, aerated and light brown.

If fork slider has play on slider tubes, bushings are worn and must be replaced. Fork must be disassembled. However, it is not necessary to disassemble entire fork and steering head unless desired.

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