Figure 4B-1A. Adjusting Hand Clutch (1968 Model)



1. Control coil adjusting sleeve

2. Control coil adjusting sleeve lock nut

3. Bell crank adjusting screw

4. Bell crank adjusting screw lock nut

5. Clutch lever rod

6. Clutch control booster spring

7. Clutch lever rod lock nut

8. Clutch control booster bell crank

9. Shifter rod end bolt

10. Shifter rod end

11. Shifter rod end lock nut

12. Clutch booster spring tension adjuster

13. Clutch booster spring tension upper adjuster nut

14. Clutch booster spring tension lower adjuster nut

15. Gear shifter lever

16. Gear shifter foot lever and rubber pedal

17. Foot lever cover mounting stud (1964 & earlier models)

18. Grease gun fittings (2)

19. Shifter rod

20. Foot lever positioning mark

21. Foot lever clamping slot

Figure 4B-2. Adjusting Hand Clutch Booster (1967 & Earlier)

crank by hand, not with control hand lever. Bell crank should find locked position at about 1/8 in. over dead center. Tighten adjusting screw lock nut (4).

Adjust clutch lever rod (5) so clutch actuating lever has 1/16 in. free movement. Tighten clutch lever rod lock nut (7).

Turn adjusting sleeve (1) upward until end of clutch hand lever has 1/2 in. free movement before releasing pressure is applied to clutch. Tighten lock nut (2).

Depress clutch hand lever fully. Tighten clutch booster spring tension lower adjusting nut (14) until hand lever remains depressed. Slowly loosen lower adjusting nut enough to allow hand lever to return to fully extended position. Tighten upper adjusting nut (13).

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