Testing Generating System

1. Operate engine at 2000 RPM (approximately 35 MPH).

2. Slowly turn field control resistor knob to "Direct" position until ammeter reads:

15 amperes for 6 volt systems using standard equipment generators.

20 amperes for heavy duty fan-cooled generators (6 volt)

10 amperes for 12 volt generators.

If ammeter reading is as specified, generator is not at fault and difficulty is in voltage regulator or wiring. Make regulator Tests D, E. and F.

3. If there is no ammeter reading or reading is low, observe voltmeter reading. If voltmeter reading is below 6 volts on 6 volt systems or below 12 volts on 12 volt systems, generator requires service.

4. If voltmeter reading is over 7.5 volts on 6 volt systems or over 15 volts on 12 volt systems, the cutout relay is not closing. Make following Test D.

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