Check At First 1000 Miles

1. Drain oil tank and refill with fresh oil.

2. Clean oil filter (if applicable).

3. Check level of oil in transmission and add oil if needed. Use same grade of oil used in engine.

4. Service air cleaner.

5. Check adjustment of chains and adjust if necessary.

6. Check lubrication of front chain and readjust chain oiler adjusting screw if necessary (1964 and earlier Models).

7. Check lubrication of rear chain and readjust chain oiler (if provided).

8. Check level of solution in battery, and add distilled water if needed. See that terminals are clean and connections tight.

9. Check circuit breaker point clearance and adjust if necessary.

10. Check brake adjustment and hydraulic fluid level.

11. Check clutch adjustment.

12. Check tire pressure.

13. Road Test.

Above operations are described fully in section pertaining to particular part of motorcycle. See table of contents for location.

SECTION IB Product - Service

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