Check At First 500 Miles

1. Drain oil tank through drain plug, flush with kerosene and refill with fresh oil.

2. Clean oil filter (if applicable). Clean overhead valve and tappet oil supply screen.

3. Drain transmission through drain plug and refill to level of filler opening with fresh oil. Use same grade oil used in engine.

4. Lubricate all points indicated for 2000 mile attention in the regular service intervals chart.

5. Aim headlight.

6. Inspect and service air cleaner if needed.

7. Check adjustment of chains and readjust if necessary.

8. Check lubrication of front chain and readjust chain oiler adjusting screw if necessary (1964 and earlier Models).

9. Check lubrication of rear chain and readjust chain oiler (if provided).

10. Check wheel mounting bolts and tighten if needed. These bolts must be kept very tight.

11. Check level of solution in battery and add distilled water if needed. See that terminals are clean and connections tight.

12. Check tightness of all cylinder head bolts and all cylinder base nuts, and tighten where necessary.

13. Check brake adjustment and hydraulic fluid level.

14. Check tire pressure and inspect tread.

15. Check front fork bearing adjustment.

16. Clean carburetor gas strainer.

17. Clean chain housing magnetic plug (if applicable).

19. Check ignition timing and circuit breaker point gap.

20. Check all nuts, bolts and screws, and tighten any found loose.

21. Check and tighten wheel spokes.

22. Check clutch adjustment.

23. Road test.

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