Check List

The following check list should be used to correct the most common carburetor defects.

1. Check accelerator pump operation.

2. Blow out passages through high speed screw plug hole.

3. Tighten cover screws and pressure-test inlet valve.

4. Check intermediate adjustment spring, needle, and needle seating.

5. Test main nozzle ball check valve with tool.

6. Inspect idle needle and seat.

7. Inspect choke relief disc.

8. Inspect and clean discharge ports, diaphragms and gaskets, screens and passages. Diaphragm plate must not turn.

9. Check inlet lever setting - must be flush to 1/64 inch above floor of casting. Lever and needle must be the shackled type.

10. Test economizer ball check valve with tool.

11. Check assembly order - gasket next to body, then diaphragm, last cover.

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