Cleaning And Inspection

Wash all parts in grease solvent and blow dry with compressed air. Examine crank pin for wear, grooving and pitting. If the surface is at all worn, replace with new pin. Examine flywheel washers (23 and 24). If either washer is worn and grooved, it should be renewed.

Examine connecting rod lower races. If they appear slightly grooved or shouldered where edge of bearing rollers ride, they may be lapped out and oversize bearing rollers installed. If they appear badly worn, grooved or pitted, new rods should be installed, preferably as an assembly with new bearings and crankpin.

Examine pinion shaft and right crankcase bushing (see 18, Fig. 3E-2) for pitting, grooving and gouging at point where right main roller bearings ride. A shaft that is worn must be replaced. If bushing is worn beyond repair, replace as described in "Truing and Sizing Pinion Shaft Main Bearing."

Examine sprocket shaft outer races for wear, grooving, and pitting. Examine bearing rollers for wear, pitting, grooving and heat discoloration. The sprocket shaft Timken tapered roller bearings are manufactured in selectively fitted sets. The same serial number appears on all parts. If any part Is unusable, the complete set must be replaced.

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