Cleaning And Inspection

Clean outside of cylinder head with a wire brush. Scrape carbon from head, top of cylinder, top oi bore above ring path, and inlet and exhaust valve ports. When scraping carbon, be careful to avoid scratching or nicking cylinder head and cylinder joint faces or bore. Blow off loosened carbon or dirt with compressed air.

Wash all parts in Harley-Davidson "Gunk Hydro-Seal". Blow out oil passages in head. Be sure they are free of sludge and carbon particles. Remove loosened carbon from valve head and stem with a wire wheel. Never use a file or other hardened tool that will scratch or nick valve. Polish valve stem with very fine emery cloth or steel wool. Check valve stem for excessive wear.

Valve head should have a seating surface about 1/16 in. wide, it should be free of pit marks and burn spots. Exhaust valves should contain carbon that is black or dark brown. White or light buff carbon indicates excessive heat and burning.

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