Disassembling Crankcase

Remove cylinder heads as described in bling Cylinder Head," Section 3B.


Remove cylinders as described in "Disassembling Cylinder," Section 3C.

Remove gearcase parts as described in "Disassembling Gearcase," Section 3D. See "Crankcase," above for checking procedure before starting crankcase disassembly.

Refer to Fig. 3E-1 and proceed as follows:

Remove crankcase bolt (1), stud (2), crankcase breather stud assembly (3) or (3A), stud (4), top and right crankcase studs (5) and two lower crankcase studs (6). It is necessary to remove only one stud nut and slip stud and other nut out opposite side of crankcase.

Refer to Fig. 3E-2 and continue disassembly:

Position crankcase with gearcase (right side) up. Tap crankcase with rawhide or soft metal mallet to

1. Crankcase stud bolt, 3/8

2. Crankcase stud, 5/16 x

5 in. (right center)

3. Crankcase breather stud and chain oiler (1963 and earlier) 3A. Crankcase breather stud and chain oiler (1964)

4. Crankcase stud, 5/16 x

5. Crankcase stud, 5/16 x

6. Crankcase stud, 11/32 x

Figure following name of part indicates quantity necessary for one complete assembly. Locations are as viewed from left side of engine.

Figure 3E-1. Crankcase Studs - Exploded View

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