Disassembling Cylinder Head

Free the rocker arm cover (9) from cylinder head by removing stud nuts (7). Before further disassembly, carefully check the rocker arm pads and ball sockets for pitting and excessive wear. Also, check the rocker arm shaft (12) for appreciable end play.

Remove rocker arm shaft screw and "O" ring (13), acorn nut and washer (10). Discard shaft screw "O" ring. Tap rocker arm shaft (12) from cover and remove rocker arm (15) and spacer (11). Mark rocker arm shaft and arm in some manner so all parts may be returned to respective locations during assembly. Rocker arms are not interchangeable.

Compress valve springs using Valve Spring Compressor, Part No. 96600-36, and remove valve keys

(18) from ends of valve stems as shown in Fig. 3B-2. Mark keys to identify them with their respective vaLves. Remove valve spring collars (19 and 22), springs (20 and 21) and valves (23). It is customary to reassemble valves in same cylinder head from which they were removed; therefore, before removing, mark them in some manner to identify them with front and rear cylinder head.

1965 and Earlier (Fig. 3B-1A)

Remove the 12 cover reinforcing screws (7) and lift off reinforcing ring (8), rocker arm cover (9) and cover gasket (11). Cover pad (10) is cemented inside cover and needs no attention if in serviceable condition.

Turn off the eight rocker arm bearing stud nuts (12), and lift intake valve oiler (13) off studs. Remove rocker arm bearing halves (14 and 16) with rocker arms (15).

Remove exhaust valve stem pads (17) (if used). Compress valve springs with Valve Spring Compressor, Part No. 96600-36, as shown in Fig. 3B-2. Remove valve key halves (18).

Remove upper valve spring collar (19), outer valve spring (20) and inner valve spring (21) and lower spring collar (22). Slip valves (23) out of valve guides in head.

Do not interchange valves, rocker arms or rocker arm bearing halves. Either process parts separately or mark them in some manner so they may be returned to their respective positions.

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