Disassembling Fork Slider

The slider only may be removed without disassembling remainder of fork assembly as follows:

Remove front wheel axle as described in "Wheels", Section 2C, and fender mounting screws from slider.

Right slider may be removed after turning off damper valve stud lock nut (13, Fig. 2F-3).

To remove left slider, first remove wheel, brake drum and brake side cover as described in "Disassembling Front Fork Slider and Tubes" above, and damper valve stud lock nut (13, Fig. 2F-3).


Turn steering damper adjusting screw (l, Fig. 2F-4) clockwise to apply dampening action and counterclockwise to reduce dampening action. Apply steering damper only when operating under conditions where some degree of dampening stabilizes steering.

Revised: 1-60

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