Disassembling Front Fork Slider And Tubes

If necessary repairs involve only sliders and slider tubes, the entire fork need not be disassembled.

To remove sliders and slider tubes, proceed as follows:

Remove front wheel as described in "Wheels," Section 2C. Remove front brake hand lever coil clip on fender. Turn off axle sleeve nut and pivot stud nut, and pull brake side cover and shoe assembly plus axle sleeve off fork. Remove front fender.

Loosen fork bracket clamping studs (8, Fig. 2F-3 or 17, Fig. 2F-4). Remove the two upper bracket bolts with oil seals (2 and 3, Fig. 2F-3; 23, Fig. 2F-4). Pull fork slider and slider tube assemblies out bottom of slider covers.

Proceed with fork slider and slider tube disassembly and repair as described in a following paragraph, "Disassembling Front Fork."

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