Duoglide And Servicar

Loosen door screw enough to remove headlamp door. Remove three retaining ring screws and retaining ring.

To replace entire headlamp assembly it is first necessary to remove handlebar clamp front cover and then the headlamp housing assembly. To free headlamp, disconnect lamp wires and remove nut securing lamp to the fork. Assembly is the reverse order of disassembly.

1967 and Later XLH and XLCH

To remove sealed beam unit, remove screw from door or clamping ring. Pry unit from rubber mounting and pull connector block from unit prongs. Headlamp mounting nut is located under snap plug on mounting bracket.

NOTE: Late models may have spring hooked into retaining ring hole - unhook spring to free retaining ring.

The sealed-beam unit is now free from the headlamp body, and connector block can be removed from the unit by pulling connector block from the unit prongs.

Assembly is the reverse order of disassembly. Make sure connector block contacts are clean to ensure good electrical contact.

To replace the entire headlamp on 1959 models remove a back panel and disconnect two lamp wires leading to terminal plate. Remove headlamp fastening nut and free lamp from motorcycle. On 1960 models remove 6 slotted screws holding headlamp body to housing.

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