Figure 3E-17A. Checking Flywheel End Play flange on flywheel using the tool driver and handle as shown in Fig. 3E-16.

Position flywheel assembly in vise with sprocket shaft up. Slip crankcase half, with outer race parts installed, over shaft. Slip bearing over tool screw, small end down toward bearing inner spacer. Position tool sleeve and turn on driver. Turn driver down against sleeve pressing bearings tightly together as shown in Fig. 3E-17. Bearings must be tight against the bearing spacer to provide correct bearing clearance.

Before proceeding with further assembly, check tc see that the bearing is not preloaded by shaking crankcase half and feeling for a slight amount of play of crankcase half on bearing. Note: If there is nc noticeable shake, or if flywheel assembly does not rotate freely in bearing, disassemble bearing and add a .003 shim, Part No. 23741-55, on one side of inner race spacer (11 or 11 A, Figure 3E-3). Again install bearing with tool and recheck for slight play in bearing.

On 1968 and earlier models, install bearing lock nut (7) in crankcase using Sprocket Shaft Bearing Nut Wrench, Part No. 9723 5-55A. Nut should be started by hand. Thread is left hand. Final tightening may be left until case is assembled.

Remove assembly from vise and install bearing washer (5), bearings (4) and bearing washer (3) to pinion shaft. Install new spiral lock ring (2) to groove in pinion shaft. Slip right case half over bearing and against left case half after applying a coat of non-hardening gasket sealer to parting surfaces.

See Fig. 3E-1. Align case halves and tap crankcase stud bolts (6 and 5) into holes. These two studs properly align the case halves and must be installed before remaining studs. Start nuts and tighten until snug. Insert remaining studs and bolt and tighten all nuts securely.

Check exact amount of flywheel endplay with a dial indicator as directed at the beginning of this Section to determine if within specified limits. See Figure 3E-17A.

Tighten 1968 and earlier sprocket shaft bearing nut. Install sprocket spacer (6 or seal washer 7A and spacer, Fig. 3E-2) and sprocket or sprocket shaft extension. Start sprocket nut and tighten securely.

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