Note: Carburetor shown has right hand bowl. The left hand bowl carburetor is identical except for physical arrangement of throttle oody, carburetor body and bowl assembly, and the sizes of various ports, holes and channels as described in text.

Figure 3F-9E. Model DC Carburetor - Exploded View 3F-16 Revised: 5-68

1. Throttle body screw and washer (3)

2. Body gasket

3. Idle hole body plug

4. Low-speed needle valve

5. Low-speed needle valve washer

6. Low-speed needle valve spring

7. Throttle shaft screw (2)

8. Throttle disc

9. Throttle lever clamping screw

10. Throttle lever

11. Throttle shaft spring

12. Throttle shaft washer

13. Throttle shaft

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