The carburetor, once properly adjusted, requires little if any readjustment. It should not be necessary to adjust the low speed needle (1) more than 1/8 turn and the intermediate speed needle (2) more than 1/4 turn, richer or leaner, to correct the mixture for a change in weather conditions.

Before attempting to correct faulty engine performance through carburetor adjustment, check over "Locating Operating Troubles," Section 1C. In addition be sure air cleaner element is not blocked with dirt and check manifold connections to be sure they are tight and not leaking air.

Inlet fitting (7) and vent fitting (8) have strainer screens located in threaded holes in carburetor body. If faulty carburetion indicates fuel flow is restricted, remove elbow fittings (7 and 8) from body, extract both screens with a bent wire, and blow out passages with an air hose. Replace screens and elbows, being sure that screens are not bent or damaged so as to allow dirt to pass through.

Check to see that carburetor vent line hose leading from fitting (8) to gas tank is not blocked off. Also see that gas tank cap vent is not Dlugged. Either condition will restrict fuel flow.

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