Fitting Sprocket Bearing

If Timken tapered roller bearings and races pass visual check and have no apparent wear, the same set may be reinstalled. Make certain all parts of bearing are installed in exactly the same order they were removed. If any part of bearing assembly is worn, entire assembly should be replaced.


Install flywheel side outer race snap ring (10 or 13A) in case. Using arbor press and Outer Race Press Plug, Part No. 97194-57 to press outer race parts into crankcase bushing one at a time as shown in Fig. 3E-3. Press the races into the case with widest ends outward to match taper of bearings. Be sure the first race bottoms on the snap ring and each successive part tight against the one before.

Install bearing and spacer on sprocket shaft using Bearing Installing Tool, Part No. 97225-55. Press the parts on using sprocket shaft spacer (11) as a pressing spacer only. Turn tool screw onto sprocket shaft thread and tighten securely. Remove

Figure 3E-16. Pressing Bearing on Sprocket Shaft
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