Front Chain Lubrication

1964 and earlier Models:

A well lubricated chain has an oily surface and is clean and free of discoloration. If chain has a brownish hue and a rusty appearance at the side and center plates, it is under-lubricated even though the surface may be oily. Readjust the front chain oiler as follows: Loosen lock nut (1, Fig. 2B-2) and turn adjusting screw (2, Fig. 2B-2) outward for more oil; turn screw inward for less oil. Turn screw only a fraction of a turn at a time. Lock adjusting screw in place with lock nut.

The adjusting screw fits into an orifice through which engine oil bleeds to the chain and controls the flow of oil by controlling the size of the orifice. Since very little oil is needed to lubricate the chain, the orifice is very small. Sediment and gummy matter accumulate in the oil supply and form deposits in and around this orifice, gradually decreasing the oil supplied to the chain. A chain that has been lubricated perfectly the first 2000 miles may run short of oil the second 2000 miles. For this reason, even though inspection indicates the chain is amply lubricated, it is advisable to flush away accumulated sediment and restore the orifice to its original size at intervals of approximately 2000 miles. To do this, loosen the chain oiler adjusting screw, and back it out exactly two full turns. Tighten lock nut. Operate this way for a few miles and then reset screw to its established setting. To reset adjusting screw to its established setting, turn adjusting screw inward exactly two full turns and lock in place with lock nut.

If established setting of adjusting screw should become completely lost while making readjustment or flushing orifice, back up lock nut and turn the screw inward until its point bottoms lightly but firmly against its seat. Then back screw out about 1-1/4 turns and establish this setting with lock nut. This is the approximate original factory setting.

1965 and later Models:

A fixed amount of oil is supplied through an oil line from metering orifice in the oil pump. Oil drops on front chain from oiler outlet tube (7, figure 2B-1). Excess oil collects at rear of chain compartment and is drawn back into engine gearcase breather.

Figure 2B-2. Adjusting Front Chain Oiler (1963 & earlier)

When the front chain adjustment is checked at 2000-mile intervals, also check to see that oil comes out of oiler tube when engine is running, when viewing through cover inspection hole. If oil does not come from oiler, the supply orifice at pump is probably blocked due to accumulation of dirt, and requires cleaning. To do this, remove orifice screw and washer from oil pump and blow out passage to chain compartment with compressed air.

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