When rod bearings, pinion shaft bearings or sprocket shaft bearings are in need of repair, the engine must be removed from the motorcycle as described in "Stripping Motorcycle for Engine Repair," Section 3A. It is recommended procedure to check and make repairs to cylinder heads, cylinders and gearcase at the same time, or in other words, perform an entire engine overhaul. Flywheel End Play Check:

Before starting crankcase disassembly, check flywheel assembly end play to determine sprocket shaft bearing wear using a dial indicator. Assemble engine sprocket and nut or compensating sprocket to sprocket shaft before taking reading to assure accurate measurement, Attach indicator securely to crankcase with indicator stem resting on end of sprocket shaft. Measure total endplay by lifting flywheel assembly vertically using a screwdriver as a pry as shown in Figure 3E-17A. If play exceeds .006 maximum allowable endplay bearings must be replaced if found worn or damaged. If not worn, shimming can be used to take up endplay as described on page 3E-10. Starting with the 1969 model season, the sprocket shaft bearing was changed as shown in Fig. 3E-3. The new bearing is locked in place with a combination lock ring-spacer which is located in a groove between the two bearing outer races. As with 1968

and earlier bearings, if any part of the bearing sel requires replacement the entire bearing assembly, including bearings, races, lock ring and inner race spacer, must be replaced as a set.

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