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This section covers testing and servicing of regulators for all Harley-Davidson motorcycle models, except Sprint.

Two unit voltage regulators and three unit current and voltage regulators are used to control generator output to the electrical system.

Normally the regulator does not require attention at regular service intervals; however, point cleaning, point setting and air gap adjustments may be necessary if regulator is not functioning correctly.

Four basic tests are required:

1. Test the generating system to determine whether the generator or regulator is at fault.

2. Test the cutout unit closing voltage.

3. Test the voltage control unit setting.

4. Test the current control unit setting.

Voltage and current settings for all regulators are are listed in following table of specifications, Figure 51-1.

Before making any checks or adjustments, the charging circuit must be operated approximately 15 minutes to bring regulator to normal operating temperature. Regulator cover and gasket must be in place.

Two methods are used for making regulator tests, the method used depending upon the type of equipment available.

1. Disconnect battery wire from regulator "BAT" terminal and connect this wire to the negative lead of an ammeter (0-30 amperes). Connect positive ammeter lead to regulator "BAT" terminal.

2. Connect the positive lead of a voltmeter (0-20 volts) to the regulator "GEN" terminal. Connect voltmeter negative lead to ground on motorcycle.

3. Disconnect the wire from the regulator "F" terminal and connect this wire to a lead of a field control variable resistor. Connect other lead of field control variable resistor to ground on motorcycle. Set field control knob to open position.

4. Operate engine at 2000 RPM (approximately 40 MPH).

5. Slowly turn field control knob toward direct position until the ammeter reads:

15 amperes for 6 volt systems using standard equipment generators (Models 58 and 61 generators)

20 amperes for heavy duty fan-cooled generators (Models 51 and 58R generators)

10 amperes for 12 volt generators (Models 64 and 65 generators)

If ammeter reading is as specified, generator is not faulty and difficulty is in regulator. Make regulator tests B, C and D.

6. If there is no ammeter reading or reading is low, observe voltmeter reading. If voltmeter reading is below 6 volts on 6 volt systems, or below 12 volts on 12 volt systems, generator requires service.

Figure 51-1. Regulator Test Specifications

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