The Hydra-Glide fork is comprised of two setsof telescoping tubes that work against springs, with an oil filled (hydraulic) dampening mechanism to control the action. The unit is engineered to give long service with a minimum of repair. Oil change is not necessary unless oil has been contaminated or leakage has occurred.

DUO-GLIDE (NON-ADJUSTABLE). The non-adjustable Duo-Glide fork, as illustrated in Fig. 2F-3, is for use on a solo motorcycle. The fork "trail" (the distance, at ground level, from the fork stem axis to a perpendicular through the wheel axle) is set and cannot be adjusted. This fork may be recognized by the two hexagon head upper bracket bolts (2, Fig. 2F-3) in the slider tube tops.

DUO-GLIDE (ADJUSTABLE). The adjustable Duo-Glide fork is for use on a motorcycle which operates with and without a sidecar. It is essentially the same as the non-adjustable fork except it has a two-position bracket that allows the trail to be changed for best solo or sidecar-equipped operation, also a steering damper adjusting mechanism which dampens the steering head to suit conditions and rider preference. All other adjustments and repairs are made exactly as on the non-adjustable fork. This fork may be recognized by the reversible bracket bolt washers, bolt and stem design (18, 19, 20, Fig. 2F-4) as described in "Adjusting Front Fork Trail."

SERVI-CAR (NON-ADJUSTABLE). The Servi-Car fork is a combination of the above forks. It has greater trail than the non-adjustable Duo-Glide fork, but is itself non-adjustable. The stem and bracket are the same as the adjustable fork except for the bracket bolt washers. In appearance, it is similar to the adjustable fork.

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