Grounded Brush

To replace grounded brush, remove brush holder as described in "Disassembling Starter Motor". Attach new brush holder and brush assembly (Items 12 & 13, Fig. 5L-8 or 5L-9), with hardware included in package.

After tightening nuts on both brush holders, peen the screws with a hammer so nuts cannot vibrate loose.

For additional service and testing procedures, see Delco-Remy service bulletin No. 1M-152.

Figure 5L-6. Removing Starter Motor -Electra-Glide


Reassembly is essentially the reverse of the disassembly procedure. The frame and field assembly should be completed first and checked with test lamp to make sure no grounds or open circuits have been caused by disassembly. Note that pole shoes (11) are notched on one end to accomodate connections at field coils. It is important that notched ends be placed at the lead ends of the coils so the pole shoes can be tightened properly and not drag on the armature.

Reassemble remaining parts in reverse order of assembly. Note that end frames (3 and 4) are notched to fit field frame ends. Also note correct location of thru-bolt insulator sleeve (2) next to field coil connection. Reconnect cables to solenoid switch and battery.

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