How To Use Your Service Manual

Your Service Manual is arranged for quick, easy reference. This manual is divided into numbered sections entitled "Chassis," "Engine" and 'Transmission." Sections are then divided into sub-sections. The Engine Section, for example, is comprised of "Cylinder" and "Crankcase" sub-sections.

Use this manual as follows:

1. Check the Table of Contents located in the front of each section to find subject desired.

2. Page number is listed across from subject.

3. Each section is printed with section number for quick general location of subject. Page number consists of section number and sub-section letter and sub-section page number.

4. Information is presented in a definite order as follows:

Minor adjustments Minor maintenance or repair Complete disassembly


Major maintenance or repair Assembly

In figure legends the number following a name of a part indicates the quantity necessary for one complete assembly.

All information or servicing a part should be read before repair work is started to avoid needless disassembly.

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