1. Pinion gear

2. Cam gear

3. Breather gear

4. Circuit breaker gear

5. Idler gear (not marked)

6. Generator drive gear (not marked)

7. Oil pump drive gear (not marked);

secured on end of pump drive shaft with key and spring ring

Figure 3D-8. Timing Gears with Timing Marks Aligned in approximate reverse of disassembly order. Breather, cam, pinion and circuit breaker gears contain timing marks which must be aligned or matched as shown in Fig. 3D-8. Rotate gear train and note if it revolves freely. A bind indicates gear are meshed too tightly. Make sure circuit breaker and idler gear spacers are assembled to their respective shafts.

Apply a coat of non-hardening gasket sealer to crankcase and cover gasket surface. Position new cover gasket and secure cover with all cover screws. Pour about 1/4 pint of engine oil over gears to provide initial lubrication before securing cover.

Assemble remainder of gearcase, generator and circuit breaker in reverse of order removed.

Figure 3D-9. Installing Cam Gear Needle Bearing in Crankcase

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