Diaphragm cover plug screw 36. Diaphragm cover screws (6)

Diaphragm cover gasket 37. Economizer check ball

Fuel filter screen (2) 38. Idle adjustment screw

Idle adjustment screw spring 39.

Throttle stop screw 39A.

Throttle stop screw cup 40.

Throttle stop screw spring 41.

Throttle stop screw spring 42.

washer 43.

Inlet control lever 44.

Inlet control lever pin 45.

Inlet control lever screw 46.

Inlet needle and seat 47.

Inlet needle seat gasket 48.

Inlet control lever tension 49.

spring 50. Intermediate adjusting screw

Intermediate adjusting screw packing Intermediate adjusting screw spring

Intermediate adjusting screw washer Main jet Main jet gasket Main jet plug screw Main nozzle check valve Throttle shaft assembly Throttle lever wire block screw Dust seal (2) Washer (2) Throttle shaft spring Throttle shutter Throttle shutter screws Gasket overhaul set Overhaul repair kit

Figure 3F-8. Model HD Carburetor - Exploded View

Remove the inlet seat and cage assembly (32), using a 3/8" thin wall hex socket wrench. Note the position of the inlet seat insert with the contoured side toward the outside of the cage and the smooth side toward the inside of the cage.

Remove the inlet seat gasket (33), using a small tap or bent wire.

Remove plug screw (40).

Remove fixed main jet (39) and gasket (39A).

Remove main-nozzle welch plug (6) by drilling 1/8" diameter hole off center and just breaking through the welch plug. Do not drill deeper than the welch plug because this would probably damage the nozzle assembly. Pry out the welch plug with a small punch, being careful not to damage the casting coun-terbore edges around the plug.

Remove idle-port welch plug (6), using the same procedure described above.

Remove welch plug (8) and economizer check ball (22). Pry out the welch plug carefully, using a small punch.

Remove two choke-shutter screws (16) and the bottom half of the choke shutter (15).

Pull the choke-shaft assembly (13) out of the body. This will release the top half of the choke shutter (11), the spring (12), the choke friction ball (9), and friction ball spring (10).

Remove the choke-shaft dust seal (14).


The carburetor body can be cleaned in commercial carburetor solvent such as Hydroseal to remove varnish from the channels and metering chamber.

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