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bearing cover Clutch lever rod Push rod adjusting screw Push rod adjusting screw lock nut Spring tension adjusting nuts (3) Clutch cover Clutch release lever adjustments should be made:

Loosen clutch lever rod lock nut (7) and adjust clutch lever rod (5) far enough so clutch actuating lever (1, Fig. 4B-3) has about 1/2 in. free movement. Move end of actuating lever forward to a position where it becomes firm indicating that all slack in the actuating mechanism has been taken up. On 1964 and earlier models: The distance from the foot shifter housing on transmission to the outer edge of chamfered slot in lever (1) should be 4-1/4 in. as shown in Fig. 4B-3. 1965 and later models: The distance between the chain housing and clutch lever rod should be 1/4 in. If necessary, readjust to obtain this measurement as follows:

Remove clutch cover or chain housing cover, loosen push rod adjusting screw lock nut (4) and turn push rod adjusting screw (3) in (clockwise) to move lever to rear; out (counterclockwise) to move lever forward. When correct position of lever has been attained, tighten lock nut.

Refer to Fig. 4B-2. Loosen control coil adjusting sleeve lock nut (2) and turn in adjusting sleeve until clutch hand grip has an inch or more free play.

Loosen bell crank adjusting screw lock nut (4) and tighten bell crank adjusting screw (3) until bell crank (8) fails to go across top dead center, as shown, when moved back and forth by hand.

Loosen clutch booster spring tension upper adjusting nut (13) as far as it will go.

Turn out bell crank adjusting screw a little at a time until bell crank moves over top dead center and remains in that position when released. Move bell

1. Clutch cable adjusting sleeve 5. Clutch adjusting screw

2. Sleeve lock nut 6. Clutch spring adjusting nuts

3. Bracket 7. Starter motor

4. Clutch push rod adjusting screw lock 8. Clutch release lever

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