Overhead oil feed line

Feed line nut (3)

Feed line rubber sleeve (3)

Cylinder interconnecting oil line

Head bolt and washer (5)

Push rod cover (2)

Spring cap retainer (2)

Cylinder head

Cylinder head gasket

Rocker housing nut and washer (5)

Oil feed line nipple

Rocker arm housing

Rocker arm shaft acorn nut and washer

Rocker arm spacer (2)

Rocker arm shaft (2)

13. Rocker arm shaft screw and O-

14. Rocker arm bushing (4)

16. Valve seat insert (one exhaust, one intake)

17. Rocker housing stud (8)

19. Upper valve spring collar (2)

20. Outer valve spring (2)

21. Inner valve spring (2)

22. Lower spring collar (2)

23. Valve (one exhaust, one intake)

24. Valve guide (one exhaust, one intake)

25. Valve guide gasket (2)


Figure following name of part indicates quantity necessary for one complete assembly.

Figure 3B-1. 1966 and Later Cylinder Head - Exploded View

Overhead oil feed line (1963)

Feed line nut (3)

Feed line rubber sleeve (3)

Head bolt and washer (5)

Spring cap retainer (2) ^Jl

Cylinder head

Cylinder head gasket

Cover reinforcing screw (12)

Cover reinforcing ring

Rocker arm cover

Cover pad

Cover gasket

Rocker arm bearing stud nut (8) Intake valve oiler Rocker arm bearing top half (2) Rocker arm (2)

Rocker arm bearing bottom half (2) Exhaust valve stem pad (early models) Valve key (2)

Upper valve spring collar (2)

Outer valve spring (2)

Inner valve spring (2)

Lower spring collar (2)

Valve (one exhaust, one intake)

Valve guide (one exhaust, one intake)

Figure following name of part indicates quantity necessary for one complete assembly.

Figure 3B-1A. 1965 and Earlier Cylinder Head - Exploded View Issued: 10-65 3B-2A

Valve seats are also subject to wear, pitting and burning. They should be resurfaced whenever valves are refinished. Clean valve guides with the Harley-Davidson Valve Guide Reamer, Part No. 94830-47, and check for wear and valve stem clearance.

Inspect valve springs for broken or discolored coils. Check free length or check tension of each spring. If a spring is more than 1/8 in. shorter than a new spring, or tension shows spring to be below low limit tension of new spring, replace it with a new spring. Check valve spring compression with valve spring tester against tolerances shown in "Engine Specifications," Section 3A.

Examine push rods, particularly the ball ends. Replace any rods that are bent, worn, discolored or broken. Check cup at end of rocker arm to make certain there are no chips broken out.

Blow out oil passages in rocker arms, rocker arm bearings and rocker arm covers.

If the rocker arm pads show uneven wear or pitting, dress on a grinder, maintaining original curve. If possible, compare with a new unit during this operation to insure a correctly contoured surface.

Carefully check the rocker arm and shaft for wear. Replace rocker arm bushings if shaft is over .002 in. loose in bushings, as described in "Repairing Rocker Arms and Bearings."


To replace worn bushings (14), press or drive them from rocker arm. If bushing is difficult to remove, insert a tap (5/8-11 thread) into bushing. From opposite side of rocker arm, drift out bushing and tap. Press or drive replacement bushing into rocker arm, flush with arm end, oil hole correctly aligned and split portion of bushing towards the top of arm.

Line ream new bushings with Harley-Davidson reamer tool, Part No. 94804-57.

1965 and Earlier

Assemble rocker arms and bearings on head (dry). Check rocker arm clearance in bearing. If rocker arm fit in bearing is greater than .002 in., repair bearings that are otherwise serviceable as follows: Remove locating dowel pins from bearing covers and sand matching faces of top and bottom rocker arm bearing halves on a sheet of emery cloth laid on a fairly true firm surface. Sand both halves an equal amount. Wash parts and assemble (with dowel pins) to cylinder head, but omit rocker arm. Line ream hole in bearing with a standard 7/8 in. reamer. Disassemble, wash parts and reassemble, including rocker arm. Check fit and repeat sanding and reaming procedure until desired tolerance fitting is reached. Rocker arms must be free in bearings or hydraulic lifters will not fill with oil. Always strike edges of rocker bearings a medium blow to align parts before checking fit.

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