Figure 4C-1C. Starter Drive

To disassemble pinion gear and shaft assembly (14) remove thrust washer (15). Place nut (16) between copper jaws in a vise and unscrew from shaft which has a left hand thread. Remove pinion gear assembly (17). Remove lock ring (18) to separate gear (19) and shifter collar (20). Remove snap ring (21) or spacer (21A) from shaft (22).

To remove starter shifter lever (25), it is necessary to either remove inner chain housing (See Stripping Motorcycle for Transmission Repair, Section 4A) or remove oil tank.

Remove screw (24) and lever (25) from chain housing.

Remove starter shaft housing from chain housing studs as follows:

Remove starter motor and housing as an assembly by removing nuts and lockwashers (23) from chain housing studs. (See Starter Motor, Section 5L-5.)

Remove oil deflector (26) and gear (27) from starter shaft housing (28). Washer (29) is staked in place in housing recess. Needle bearings (30) and (31) are pressed into housings at shaft ends. Washer (29) presses out with needle bearing (30).

Replace deflector O-ring (26A) if worn or damaged. To service starter motor see Section 5L. ASSEMBLING STARTER AND SOLENOID (Fig. 4C-1D)

Assembly is essentially the reverse of disassembly except as follows:

Clean needle bearings (30 and 31) and repack with grease. If replaced, needle bearing (30) should be pressed in flush with outside of housing. Stake washer (29). Pinion (19) and shaft ■ (22) should be assembled with no lubrication on worm threads.

Shaft nut (16) should be secured to shaft with Loc-Tite "grade A". Wash parts in white gas or cleaning fluid before applying Loc-Tite to threads. Connect battery cable to longest solenoid terminal stud.

If cables are reversed, the solenoid will remain in battery circuit.

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