1. Low speed needle

2. Intermediate speed needle

3. Throttle stop screw

4. Throttle lever

5. Choke lever

6. Accelerating pump

7. Inlet fitting

8. Vent fitting

Figure 3F-7. Model HD Carburetor Adjustments

The fuel supply for low engine speed is completely regulated by the low speed needle. The fuel supply for intermediate engine speed is also regulated by an adjustable needle. A fixed jet supplies the high speed fuel requirements.

Operating conditions, such as at high altitudes or hard service, may require other than the standard main fuel fixed jet. The following main jet orifice sizes are available: .049, .051, .053 (standard on Electra Glide), .055, .057 (standard on Sporster), .059, .061 and .063.

Both the intermediate speed needle and low speed needle turn inward (to right) to make mixture leaner at the respective speeds for which they adjust. Backing them out (to left) makes mixture richer. Closed throttle idling speed of engine is adjusted with idle speed stop screw (3).

Correct adjustment can be determined in the shop and verified by road test according to the following procedure.

1. Make sure carburetor control wire is adjusted so throttle lever (4) fully closes and opens with handlebar grip movement.

2. Turn both the low speed needle (1) and the intermediate speed needle (2) all the way in (to right). Do not close off either needle too tightly or damage to needle and seat may result.

3. Back up (to left) both needles about 7/8 turn. With needles in this position, engine will start, but low speed mixture will probably be too rich.

4. Start the engine and after it has reached operating temperature and the choke has been moved to the open position, adjust throttle control so engine runs at approximately 2000 RPM.

5. Without changing throttle setting, turn intermediate needle slowly in direction which produces highest engine speed (RPM). Engine should not miss or surge at this adjustment position.

6. Back off intermediate needle 1/8 turn to slightly richen mixture. This is the correct intermediate needle adjustment.

7. Readjust idle needle and idle speed stop screw tc produce a smooth idle at desired idle speed (900 tc 1100 RPM).

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