Inspection And Repair

Clean all parts in solvent. Be sure they are free from rust, gum and dirt. Inspect all parts including inside of grip and replace all worn parts.


Slip control coil through handlebar and secure at end plug with lock screw through handlebar (screw must register in groove of end plug). Slip roller pin through plunger and assemble rollers to ends of roller pin, rounded side out. Attach control wire to plunger issembly by means of the set screw (7).

Apply a light coat of grease or oil to control wire as it is inserted into coil. * Lubricate remaining parts with grease. Turn grip onto handlebar with rollers following spiral grooves inside grip.

Handlebar end screw may be started without danger of crossing threads by holding grip sleeve assembly back slightly when starting screw in handlebar end. This squares screw with end of grip sleeve, aligning threads. Tighten screw securely.

Connect throttle and/or spark control wires at carburetor and circuit breaker. Adjust throttle control so throttle closes and opens fully with grip movement. Allow about 3/8 in. of throttle control coil to extend beyond carburetor control coil clip when throttle is in a closed position.

With circuit breaker in fully-advanced position, the end of the spark control wire must point directly at hole in timer adjuster stud. Allow about 3/8 in. of spark control coil to extend beyond clamp. Adjust spark control so circuit breaker advances and retards fully with spark control grip movement.

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