Inspection And Service

Wash and air dry all parts. Inspect for broken or "set" springs. New spring length appears In Fig. 2H-2 listing. Replace seat bar bushings (19) if worn appreciably.


Seat post assembly Is reverse of disassembly. Apply liberal coating of "Grease-All" grease to parts, working It Into the springs.

For correct spring preloading, draw up spring adjusting nut to compress total visible spring length to 11 in. for standard springs and 10-1/2 in. for "D"

heavy springs, on Duo-Glide assemblies; 11-1/2 in. on standard and "E" heavy Servi-Car sets. Lock with one lock nut (6). Turn on other lock nut. Position rod nut (5) on rod so bottom end of rod extends through rod nut exactly 3/4 in. Lock adjustment with second lock nut.

Figure 2H-1. Cutaway of Seat Post Springing

11. Guide collar (see item 9)

13. Plunger lock nut

(Duo-Glide only)

Figure following name of part indicates quantity necessary for one complete assembly. Dimensions indicate free length of new spring.

1. Rod lock nut

2. Rod lock nut washer

3. Clevis pin spring

4. Clevis pin

5. Seat post rod nut

7. Spring adjusting nut

14A. Seat post recoil spring (Servi-Car only) Seat post rod Auxiliary spring (3 in.) Auxiliary spring (2-3/4 in.) Seat post plunger Seat bar bushings

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