The above timing will be approximate (slightly retarded) because of circuit breaker drive gear lash and endplay which exist when engine is not operating. To set ignition timing accurately, it must be checked with a strobe light timing gun with the engine running according to the procedure in the following paragraph,

CHECKING TIMING WITH STROBE LIGHT With engine running cam will automatically be in advanced position above idle speed. To check advanced spark timing operate engine between 1500 and 2000 RPM using Strobe-light timing light to view timing mark. Timing light leads should be connected to front spark plug, ground, and positive red wire to battery terminal. A clear plastic timing hole plug is available for screwing into the crankcase hole for viewing the flywheel timing mark to prevent oil spray while the engine is running. Order Timing Mark View Plug, Part No. 96295-65. Adjustment in timing is made with engine running by loosening circuit breaker stem clamp or head nuts slightly and rotate head into correct position. See Figure 5F-3B.

removing circuit breaker (Fig. 5F-2)

Thoroughly clean area around circuit breaker and blow all loose dirt from crankcase with compressed air, and proceed as follows: On manual advance types, disconnect spark control wire from circuit breaker adjusting stud (17). Remove circuit breaker cover (1) and unlatch cover retainer (2) from holes in base (10 or 10A). On automatic advance type, remove screw and lockwasher (2A) to remove circuit breaker cover (IB).

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