Before making adjustment or servicing regulator, identify regulator by Delco Remy number stamped on regulator base or mounting bracket. Then, see table, Fig. 51-1, which contains service information for the desired regulator. Delco Remy Bulletins listed in table may be obtained from a Delco Remy service station or the Harley-Davidson Motor Co.


Use same tester connections as previous Test C. (Fig. 51-9)

1. Turn field control variable resistor to "Open" position.

2. Turn load control knob to "Direct" position.

3. Operate engine at 1500 RPM (approximately 30 MPH).

4. Slowly turn field control resistor knob toward "Direct" position observing voltmeter.

As resistance is decreased in field circuit, voltage will rise. Note highest reading before meter pointer "kicks" to read battery voltage. Repeat operation several times, each time turning field control to "Open" position. Highest reading observed is the cutout relay closing voltage.

If closing voltage is not within specifications (see Fig. 51-1), replace regulator or adjust according to manufacturer's Service Bulletin.


Same connections are used as in previous Test D except move Positive voltmeter lead to regulator battery "BAT" terminal and remove grounded lead of the field control variable resistor and connect to regulator field "F" terminal. (See Fig. 51-10)

1. Turn field control knob to "Direct" position.

2. Turn load control to the 1/4 ohm position.

6 Volt Regulator - Operate engine at 2000 RPM (an-proximately 40 MPH). Turn field control resistor knob to "Open" position then to "Direct" position to cycle regulator. Check voltmeter reading. Reading indicated on voltmeter is voltage regulator setting.

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