On Gel Coat finish, it may be necessary to repeat Steps 12 and 13 to insure a smooth, even gel coat surface. See Figure 2J-15.

For large areas the gel coat can also be sprayed.

Figure 2J-15. Buffing Finish

Where surface color of part has changed due to weathering, color match of patch may not be satisfactory. In this case, entire panel must be sprayed.

Thin Gel coat with acetone (1 to 1 ratio) and spray panel, blending sprayed area into a radius or corner on the part. Use a touch-up spray gun such as the Binks Model 15. After Gel coat is hard, buff and polish sprayed area.

Heat lamps may be used if working conditions are cold. CAUTION: Do not place lamp bulb closer than 14 inches to surface or the resin may blister.

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