When linings are worn down at any point so rivet heads come close to contacting drum surface, shoes or linings should be replaced.

Linings and rivets are available separately for 1963 and later rear wheel brakes, but entire shoe and lining assembly must be replaced on 1958 to 1962 models.

Scored or grooved brake drums should be refinished before installing new shoes or linings. Brake Drum turning arbor, Part No. 97280-60 can be used to re-finish brake drum inside diameter on a lathe as necessary to clean up.

Use standard size shoe or lining set for brake drums refinished up to 8.040 in. maximum on inside diameter.

Use a .030 in. oversize shoe or lining set for brake drums refinished over 8.060 in. but not more than 8.100 in. maximum on inside diameter.


Assemble rear wheel brakes in reverse order of disassembly except: Apply a light coat of grease on hold-down springs (4) and spots on side cover (12) where shoes touch when in operating position.

Figure 2G-4. Adjusting Rear Brake Revised: 3-63

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