Oil Pressure Signal Light

The oil signal light, located above ignition switch on instrument panel, indicates oil circulation.

If the oil signal light fails to go off at speeds above idling, it is usually due to low or a diluted oil supply. In freezing weather the oil feed pipe may clog with ice and sludge, preventing circulation of oil. A grounded oil signal switch wire, faulty signal switch, or trouble with oil pump will also cause the light to stay on. If the oil signal light fails to go off, always check the oil supply first. Then, if oil supply is normal, look inside the oil tank to determine if oil returns to the tank from the oil return pipe outlet located at front of oil tank near filler hole when the engine is running. If it is returning to the tank there is some circulation, and engine may be run a short dis tance if necessary. If no oil returns, shut off engine until trouble is located and corrected.

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