Prestolite Starter Motor Service


Remove thru bolts (1) with washers and lockwashers (2). Remove commutator end cover (3) holding brush plate (4) in place if necessary.

NOTE: End cover is marked with a double line next to the motor terminal. Also brush holder has a positioning notch which registers on the motor terminal insulator. See Figure 5L-12. Parts must be located correctly when reassembled.

Armature (5) and drive end cover (6) with bearing (7) are removed as an assembly. Bearing (7) is a light press fit on armature shaft and is staked in end cover (6).

NOTE: To prevent brushes from escaping holders, insert a spool of slightly larger diameter than the commutator underneath brushes when brushes are half exposed as armature is withdrawn from frame. In this way armature can be reinstalled without removing brushes from holders.

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