Rear Chain Lubrication

Under normal operating conditions brush the dirt off and lubricate the rear chain at 1000-mile intervals. Lubricate with Harley-Davidson "Chain Saver" if available; if not, use lightest engine oil available.

If motorcycle is equipped with rear chain oiler, disregard above instructions and proceed as follows: At regular 2000-mile intervals, make a close inspection of rear chain. If rear chain does not appear to be getting sufficient lubrication, or if there is evidence of an over-supply of oil, proceed as follows:

CHAIN GUARD OILER: On 1964 models equipped with front chain guard oiler, the rear chain receives its lubrication from the rear chain oiler outlet tube located at the rear of the front chain guard back. A shelf inside the front chain guard picks up oil thrown off by the front chain. This oil drains out through a small tube onto the rear chain.

Check the front chain oiler adjustment as explained previously under "FRONT CHAIN LUBRICATION". Normally, if the front chain oiler is adjusted for correct front chain lubrication, the rear chain will be adequately lubricated.

If the rear chain is dry, the oiler outlet tube may have become blocked with dirt. This may occur when motorcycle is operated under extremely dusty or dirty conditions. Check to see that oiler outlet tube is open by inserting a 1/8" dia. wire into the tube behind the chain guard.

OIL RETURN LINE BLEED TYPE OILER: This rear chain oiler is located on the oil return line at the oil pump. To adjust the chain oiler, follow the same procedure explained in adjusting the front chain oiler (1964 and earlier Models).

Normal setting of adjusting screw is 1/4 turn open. If orifice becomes blocked it will be necessary to clean as follows:

Back out adjusting screw lock nut as far as possible without allowing the adjusting screw to turn.

Turn adjusting screw inward until it bottoms on its seat. Keep a count of the number of turns.

Remove adjusting screw and clean orifice with compressed air.

Re-install adjusting screw and turn it inward until it bottoms on its seat.

Turn adjusting screw outward the same number of turns determined in step 2 and lock in place with locking nut.

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