Removing And Installing Front Chain

1964 and earlier Models:

Remove chain guard cover. If motorcycle is equipped with compensating sprocket, use Compensating Sprocket Shaft Nut Wrench, Part No. 94557-55, to remove compensating sprocket shaft nut. If not equipped with compensating sprocket, use Crank Pin Nut Wrench, Part No. 94545-26, to remove nut. Loosen nut by striking wrench handle several sharp blows with hammer. Remove push rod adjusting screw lock nut (nut on 1 center screw of clutch sprocket), slip washer (any steel washer 1-3/4 in. in diameter with 3/8 in. hole) over push rod adjusting screw and replace lock nut. Remove three spring tension adjusting nuts and pull clutch outer disc and spring collar assembly off clutch drive hub pins. Move clutch sprocket and engine sprocket off shafts.

1965 and later Models:

Remove chain housing cover and lower front chain tensioner shoe as previously described under "Front Chain Adjustment, 1965 and Later". Then remove engine sprocket and clutch sprocket as described above.

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