Removing Tire From

Remove wheel; lay wheel on its side.

Remove valve cap and valve core to free all air from tube. Remove valve stem nut (18 in. rim).

sides of tire or by using a tire tool. Stand or kneel on tire opposite valve to push bead into rim-well.

Using tire tools (not sharp Instruments), start upper bead over edge of rim at valve. Don't use force when starting bead over ed'ge of rim with tire iron, because bead wires may be broken or stretched and tire ruined. Carefully remove tube before attempting to remove second bead.

Push lower bead into rim-well on one side and insert tire iron on opposite side and pry bead over flange. After a portion of second bead is started over rim edge, tire can be further removed from rim without aid of tire iron.

It is not always necessary to completely remove casing from rim. Removing one side allows tube to be removed and reinstalled and also allows inside of casing to be inspected.

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