Replacing Valve Guides

Replacing valve guides if necessary, must be done before valve seat and face are ground since the valve stem hole in valve guide is the basis from which all face and seat grinding is done. Valve stem-valve guide clearance is as follows: Exhaust valves, .004 in. to .006 in. loose; intake valves, .002 in. to .004 in. loose. If valve stems and/or guides are worn to exceed the maximum tolerances by more than .002 in., new parts must be installed.

Tap out valve guides with shouldered drift pin (from chamber side) and insert replacement guide on arbor press. Be particularly careful to press replacement guide squarely into hole.

New valve guides are reamed to correct size. However, when guides are pressed into cylinder heads,

Figure 3B-2. Compressing Valve Spring

they may close up slightly; also the ends may be burred. Therefore, after new guides are in place, they should be sized and cleaned with Valve Guide Reamer, Part No. 94830-47.

It is of prime importance that valve guides fit tightly in cylinder heads, or valves may not seat properly. If original guide or new standard guide is not a tight press fit, an oversize guide must be installed. Oversize guides can be obtained .001 in. to .006 in. oversize.

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