Seat Post Springing

Two seat post spring arrangements are available for each model. A standard spring set is suitable for rider weighing up to 220 pounds. A heavy spring set for weights over that amount include heavier springs and longer guide collars. The heavy set is indicated by a letter "D" (Duo-Glide) or an "E" (Servi-Car) stamped on the upper end of the seat post plunger. See Fig. 2H-1 for cutaway view of seat post springing arrangement. Duo-Glide and Servi-Car assemblies have same number of components with following exceptions: (See Fig. 2H-2.)

Duo-Glide assembly omits seat post recoil spring (14A) and incorporates two auxiliary springs (14 and 17).


Remove rod lock nut (1) and washer (2) from bottom of frame seat post tube. Pull back of seat upward sharply to break loose seat post rod nut (5) at the base of seat post tube. Unsnap clevis pin spring (3) and pull out clevis pin (4). Tip seat forward and lift out seat post assembly. Disassemble remaining parts in order indicated.

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