1. Cotter pin

2. Axle nut

3. Flat washer »4. Bushing

5. Wheel mounting socket screws

6. Axle

7. Slider cap ,iuts

8. Slider cap

»Not used on Duo-Glide

Front Wheel s fe, use tool, raise right side foot board, slip tool over brake lever stop pin, depress brake pedal and rotate tool so^lhat cam on tool end locks brake pedal in depressed position. When installing wheel, reverse the removal procedure. Important: Clamping faces on drum and wheel hub must be clean so that wheel will be true and tight against brake drum when socket screws are tightened. Securely tighten the five wheel socket screws before tightening the axle nut (3). To avoid possibility of wheel working loose and damaging clamping flange, it is important that socket screws be pulled very tight.

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