Servicing Handlebar Controls Note

Spark control information applies to earlier models havine manual spark advance.

Handlebar controls for throttle and spark advance must operate freely. If a control becomes stiff and hard to adjust, parts must be removed and cleaned of caked grease, gum and dirt. A kinked control coil must be replaced if complete straightening cannot be accomplished.


Disconnect control coil and wire at carburetor or circuit breaker. Loosen clip which secures spark control coil to upper frame tube.

Insert a large screwdriver through hole in end of grip as shown in Fig. 2D-1 and loosen handlebar end screw (1). Handlebar end screw and spring (2) will remain inside grip. Remove grip sleeve assembly (3), exposing working parts.

Slip two rollers (5) off roller pin (4) and remove roller pin from plunger (6). Plunger with control

1. End screw (2) 4. Roller pin (2) 7. Control coil set screw (2) 10. Coil (2)

2. Spring (2) 5. Roller (4) 8. Control wire (2) 11. Handlebar

Figure following name of part indicates quantity necessary for one complete assembly.

Figure 2D-2. Handlebar Controls - Exploded View Revised: 7-64 2D-1

wire (8) may be pulled through handlebar. If the control wire is broken, remove lower end at carburetor or circuit breaker. The control wire is fastened into the end of the plunger by means of set screw (7).

If control coil is to be removed, loosen the lock screw under the horn or starter button retainer on the handlebar that positions the coil end plug (9) in handlebar. The throttle end plug lock screw is exposed on the underside of the right handlebar. After loosening, control coils and end plugs may be pulled out of handlebar ends.

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