Servicing Regulators

Delco Remy Regulator

Faulty operation of Delco Remy regulators may be due to one or more of the following conditions:

1. Contact points dirty, oxidized or pitted — Tc clean contacts, refer to manufacturer's Service Bulletin, (See Fig. 51-1)

After cleaning contacts, the air gaps and contact spacing must be adjusted. See Fig. 51-1 for information on the voltage regulator and cutout relay air gap and contact opening setting.

2. Ground wire broken (short braided wire between regulator base and mounting bracket).

3. Defective fuse (in holder near regulator).

4. Corrosion contamination on regulator internal parts.

After any faults have been corrected, regulating units must be adjusted according to manufacturer's Service Bulletin. (See Fig. 51-1).

Bosch regulator

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